Friday, January 11, 2008

Paying it Forward

Meet Holly. We recently started adoption procedures for her from a local SPCA. She has quickly adjusted to our home, having big sisters and learning the ways of a good pet. Not house-trained, she is doing well, and only has infrequent accidents now! She has learned to sit, sit-pretty, lie down and "off", and she sits to greet people. Not bad for being a family member for a mere 6 days!
Severely emaciated from roaming loose, this former kennel Fuzzy needed a home to make sure she was warm, dry, fed, safe and loved. As soon as I saw her, I knew we could be the right home. She is slowly gaining weight, despite coming into heat, brought on by being warm and fed regularly! Soon, she will go to be spayed, and once her system heals and settles down, the real joy of being a Pet can commence!
Her teeth are cleaner, her coat is shiny, her eyes are brighter, and she loves to laze in my lap and watch TV. Her favorite of all is when I put on the video "Milo and Otis", and she tries to interact with the characters on the big screen, to the entertainment of her sisters, Bonnie and Sarah.
I used my Christmas bonus from work to put towards adopting a dog who needed us. I think, whenever someone does us a good deed, we are duty bound to pay it forward!
There's my New Year's Challenge to you all...for 2008, find a way to pay your good fortune forward! It doesn't take much effort to make the world better for someone in need.

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