Sunday, January 31, 2010

Time surely Flies!

Wow, looking back in time, its been far too long since I updated my blog! Lots of changes in the past 2 years, a new Beagle among them, Jamie and Katie's engagement, our RV adventures...the list is very long.

Hope to get caught up very soon, post some new pics, and get back to being organized! This working full time sure cuts into my Life!

New knitting, new friends, new adventures, the World awaits us all.

see you soon...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Summer is gone in a flash...

And as usual, I have missed most of it. Que sera, sera etc. A few stolen moments in the golden sunshine with the Beagles on the trails near Islands Lake, near Mildmay, and Kincardine as well, and the remainder of the summer has passed me right on by.
Images of a lot of rainy days, everything sodden and my poor flowers with heads hanging and dripping, hot bright sunshine on my nephew's wedding day, during which all the bald guys got fried, adjusting to a new job, new co-workers and making new friends; definitely a summer of transition.
Our son bought his first home, our other son began college, another transition to experience!
Hopefully there hasn't been too much change in the World, except for the looming elections on both sides of the Border.
A wonderful long distance friend came for a flying visit, and is much missed, hope it can happen again when there is more time for both of us.
Autumn is here, the leaves are changing colors, birds have flocked and swooped, soon the snow will be here again.
I'm always hopeful that with the change of the seasons will come an easing of the workloads and stress. The hope of a summer yet to come keeps us all going through long dark wintery days.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Stanley Visits the Farm

My, My, My...
For Farmers, does it get any better than this?? Not around here, lol
Yep, the Real McStanley, in shiny person, complete with guard, right here at home with our newest aquisition, the John Deere Combine my in-laws bought. My nephew who works for Hockey Canada, arranged for the cup to visit the East Garafraxa Township garage for a photo op with the latest equipment purchase and personnel, a Volvo grader they got last fall. En route, they arranged for some school visits, and began the day at our farm, in a teeming April Shower. We all got soaked, have colds (and could care less) and loved every drippy second of the whole thing!
Sorry about your shoes, Phil, but farms will be farms, especially in a Canadian Spring. Our son called in to work and let them know he'd be late as the Stanley Cup was coming to our place- of course, they laughed at him and hung up. But, he had the pictures to take with him for proof, so now he's a minor Idol at the office.
A few clicks at the insta print machine at Wal-Mart, and we were instantly famous. Or for some locals feeling left out, "infamous". Sorry guys, me bad. Some things are just family-only.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

How Great it is to be Greeted by Sunshine in the Morning!

Amazing that in a few short days, our world can look so very different, just with the power from the sun. This morning I was awakened by the deafening cackling of a flock of starlings busily picking and bickering around the house. Which means that eventually, despite the smoke still rising, one of these brainiacs will be trying to creat a nest in the top of our chimney.
The cat will pace and yowl, alerted to the plight of the bird who has fallen into the small pipe, thrashing and pecking and trying to escape the sooty death until it suffocates itself. And, when the noise has ceased and the screen on the chimney cover has been repaired, and the cat is assured there's really nothing there at all...we'll clean out the chimney and hope another misguided feathered friend will also attempt the futile task of building nests in the chimney.
There are April showers on the way, but for now, the sun is shining, the Red-Winged Blackbirds are trilling and mating, and my feeder remains a happening place.
The cats are posted on the window sill, watching all the bird porn going on, in living color. Energy efficient Cat TV! Entertainment for the dogs as they bask, when one of the cats are overwhelmed by temptation hopping just beyond the glass, and whacks its head trying to get through the invisible barrier.
You can almost hear the chuckles...birdy and canine!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring, 2008, Goodbye Snow!

Sooooo...Here we are at last! Spring has arrived for 2008, and with it the arrival of the migrating birds, the appearance of the mud boils in our country roads, and the longer lasting daylight hours. My road has all but dissolved into a mass of open muddy pits, which I navigate to and from work with great trepidition for the health of my wee car. You'd think with all the available technology in the world today, someone would come up with a cure for bad roads!
But then, we're still teaching people to wash their hands to prevent the spread of preventable diseases that continue to plague our health care facilities. Can't seem to get the basics looked after by the general populace, so why do I think potholes can be prevented??? Because I'm an Optimist. Pity me. This has been one of the toughtest winters of my life so far, for the winter blues. I lost my Dad this February 22nd, despite excellent teamwork and diligence shown by his medical team. Some things are just destined to be. He went down trying to the bitter end, for which I will always commend him. Consequently, my Mom is learning for the first time, to be alone, and all the responsiblities that come with being a sole home owner, something alien and new to her, as my Dad was always the detail person. She's doing great! We are all very proud of her. Her next hurdle is in coping with the inevitable demise of another sister and brother in law, as they are both battling illness and disease simultaneously. My heart goes out to my cousins who face the loss of a Mother and Father in the near future.
But for now, one day at a time for me. I'm just happy that another winter will soon be behind us, the snow is melting without filling my basement (so far), birds are singing each morning despite the threat of spring snowstorms and freezing rain, and are once again visiting my feeder- was my first winter without birds! They all left me, a harbinger of the difficult weather we endured.
Today, I begin the next phase of my "calling", having given up my full time position in the retirement home, to take a part time position in a nursing home, bringing Life to those who cannot find it on their own. No longer a Nurse, no longer working Night shift, home each evening with my Hubby, each morning with my Pets, planning fun and games for all of those who drift through the days in a haze of pain and confusion. It will take all of my patience and skills to gently remind these who are living out finality, that they are indeed still alive, still human and still can feel the joy of a good laugh and a positive influence. I know I will make a lot of friends, only to lose them to the diseases of Aging. But along the way, I hope to show them a damned good time!!!
I'll leave my family someday, with the knowledge that Mom made a difference to the World. Just like my Dad before me.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Holly's Sweater, and Dexter The Demonic

ON the Needles...Holly's sweater, in worsted weight, a 2X2 rib with a peplum skirt. Simple single crochet to finish the edges and having lots of room for "Pampered Pet Syndrome" growth, this should fit her with room to grow!
Also shown, Dexter the Demonic Grand-Beagle, sporting his Christmas toy and glinting, mischevious and smiling face! Snapped during a rare pause in his continuous Path of Destruction, we can only wonder what will fall prey to his devious mind next.
Fortunately for all of us, he was more interested in chasing down balls of wadded gift wrap and destroying then, than in chewing up Katie's new i-Pod, or Jamie's chef supplies! Dexter and Holly have not yet met, as he is not neutered and she is in Mini-Demons in MY house...although, her docile nature would certainly temper his frantic energy!

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Bonnie Models her Sweater

Bonnie Beagle Loves Her Sweater!
Here, she models it for Holly, and soon Holly can model her own as its currently on the needles. My own design, I measured each dog to assist with fitting, using a rib pattern to allow for weight gain, as aging Beagles blossom! Big sister Sarah, a doberman cross, prefers the rasp of snow across her ruff, and found that a jacket merely irritated her more sensitive skin. With her winter Husky hair, she doesn't need any adornment to maintain her body temperature, unlike heat-seeking Beagles.

Paying it Forward

Meet Holly. We recently started adoption procedures for her from a local SPCA. She has quickly adjusted to our home, having big sisters and learning the ways of a good pet. Not house-trained, she is doing well, and only has infrequent accidents now! She has learned to sit, sit-pretty, lie down and "off", and she sits to greet people. Not bad for being a family member for a mere 6 days!
Severely emaciated from roaming loose, this former kennel Fuzzy needed a home to make sure she was warm, dry, fed, safe and loved. As soon as I saw her, I knew we could be the right home. She is slowly gaining weight, despite coming into heat, brought on by being warm and fed regularly! Soon, she will go to be spayed, and once her system heals and settles down, the real joy of being a Pet can commence!
Her teeth are cleaner, her coat is shiny, her eyes are brighter, and she loves to laze in my lap and watch TV. Her favorite of all is when I put on the video "Milo and Otis", and she tries to interact with the characters on the big screen, to the entertainment of her sisters, Bonnie and Sarah.
I used my Christmas bonus from work to put towards adopting a dog who needed us. I think, whenever someone does us a good deed, we are duty bound to pay it forward!
There's my New Year's Challenge to you all...for 2008, find a way to pay your good fortune forward! It doesn't take much effort to make the world better for someone in need.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Congratulations Amy and Ajay Madan, and best wishes for a long and happy life together!
Here are my husband Bruce, and I outside the Burlington Convention Center, during the wedding weekend of our neice Amy to her long time love, Ajay. There was a traditional Canadian wedding, complete with white gown, bouquet tossing, and roast beef banquet on Friday evening at the scenic Grey Silo Golf Course, in Waterloo, Ont. Then, off to the Burlington Convention Center, for the traditional and colorful Hindu ceremony to finalize these festivities. The Newlyweds share anniversary joy with Ajay's parents, and Amy's grandparents, a 3 way annual joy-fest!
Family from far and wide, celebrated the joy of the happy couple, with wine, spicy foods, and spoke of best wishes and hopes of happiness for the couple with the burnt lips of gourmets unaccustomed to the bite of Indian tradition.
And now, the happy couple is headed off to honeymoon in Tahiti, Hawaii, and Married Bliss. All that remains are the echos of smiles, Bollywood dancing, and traditional music and celebration, caught in the photographs that build our memories.