Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labour Day Vacation

This past weekend, my DH Bruce and I went to visit Gananoque, Ontario. We took a leisurely 5 hr boat cruise of the 1000 Islands in the St Lawrence River, aboard the Gananoque Boat Lines. We had a 2 hour stop to visit Boldt Castle on Heart Island, New York. Although "Intrigued by the Legend", as told by the tour guides, I bought a historical, anecdotal accounting of the area at the time of the construction of the Castle, and am enjoying reading a more complete accounting of its history. Still, despite whatever motives lay behind the building of this enormous Castle, its well worth the visit, for visual as well as daydreaming quality! Having only a 3 day weekend to explore and count as our official summer vacation, we did make the most of it, wandering to and fro as our free will dictated! Never more than 4 hours from home, we visited a flea market, did some shopping, had a lovely stay at the Gananoque Inn, and just plain spent time together. Even the rainy weather caused by Tropical Storm Ernesto, didn't get in our way. We really should do this running away from home more often!!!