Thursday, April 03, 2008

How Great it is to be Greeted by Sunshine in the Morning!

Amazing that in a few short days, our world can look so very different, just with the power from the sun. This morning I was awakened by the deafening cackling of a flock of starlings busily picking and bickering around the house. Which means that eventually, despite the smoke still rising, one of these brainiacs will be trying to creat a nest in the top of our chimney.
The cat will pace and yowl, alerted to the plight of the bird who has fallen into the small pipe, thrashing and pecking and trying to escape the sooty death until it suffocates itself. And, when the noise has ceased and the screen on the chimney cover has been repaired, and the cat is assured there's really nothing there at all...we'll clean out the chimney and hope another misguided feathered friend will also attempt the futile task of building nests in the chimney.
There are April showers on the way, but for now, the sun is shining, the Red-Winged Blackbirds are trilling and mating, and my feeder remains a happening place.
The cats are posted on the window sill, watching all the bird porn going on, in living color. Energy efficient Cat TV! Entertainment for the dogs as they bask, when one of the cats are overwhelmed by temptation hopping just beyond the glass, and whacks its head trying to get through the invisible barrier.
You can almost hear the chuckles...birdy and canine!


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