Friday, December 08, 2006

December Snow

December snows are great! All that muddy crap gets covered up, no more squishy grass to leave big deep boot prints in, just clean and fresh and white and sparkly! Watching the birds at my feeders reminds me of hyper children at recess! They scurry and flutter around, chasing each other away from that coveted big sunflower seed on the ground, or that freshly fallen peanut dropped by a screaming jay. The Mourning Doves huddle in red-footed clumps under the Clematis by the Nijer feeder, picking at the leftovers dropped by the flock of squabbling Goldfinches. Our two inside cats, Mike and Missylou perch on the cat platform at the window, watching all the activity with great anticipation, taking the odd leap at the glass only to shake their heads in pain at the contact with the hard, cold glass. Yet, they know that window is there and still try to leap through it! Its like a big screen Cat TV. Hours of activity keeping them awake during daylight, and letting us sleep at night. No midnight mat surfing these days! They don't have the strength left after a day of bird watching!
They even watch the slowly drifting flakes, as squalls move thru, dropping more fluffiness on our yard. The footprints of ground-searching birds pack down the snow at the base of the tree and feeder pole. The hopping Chickadees peek curious eyes into the living room from the safety of the outside of the glass, mere millimeters away from certain death by Cat Attack- goading yet another leap into glassy pain! So, December snow is great, from the inside looking out, and even enjoyable as it squeaks under booted feet, as I go out to check the mailbox for another delivery of Christmas cards.
The dogs chase snowballs, and run along with snuffles buried in the fluffy stuff, sneezing great steamy, flakey, clouds when they come up to the surface! Watching these antics takes my mind off scraping the ice particles off the car windows, shovelling the mound of white off the deck and that the wind is cold blowing down my neck cause I forgot to put my newly knitted scarf on!
Time to brave the elements cause the Woodpecker has a new trick- he pecks at the window when he wants another suet block! Then he sits on the pole as I put it into the suet cage, and even sometimes on my sleeve as I work, filling the feeders as Cheepers excitedly serenade from the treetop. The Doves lumber along up on the roof, the Chickadee chirps from the Christmas lights as he waits his turn, the Sparrows flutter and chase each other thru the Lilac bush as they play "who gets to go first" games.
Yep, December Snow is Great! A great time to take pleasure in the little things and let the bigger issues take care of themselves, as they are wont to do anyway.
Have a wonderful, snowy, and entertaining December, everyone! Play safe and keep smiling.

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