Saturday, April 14, 2007

Newest Creations Completed

I have been working on some Spring Creations, taking these small projects with me, on my travels. I've been experimenting with texture, making Tunisian Crochet dish cloths, from Handicrafter Cotton. Also in that same Tunisian stitch, an infant pullover in Red Heart Soft Baby, in cheery Easter Pinks, with soft brown teddy bear buttons. The Preemie vest and cap features a cable center detail, with seed stitch accents and soft ribbing, duck buttons for easy access and is also in Red Heart Soft Baby.
I also found some really cool shopping bags at No Frills, made from recycled plastic bottles, washable and recyclable. They'll save lots of plastic from going into land fill sites, and were only $.99 cents! I got some to keep in the car for shopping days, and some to use as yarn storage and even one to use as an everyday work tote. They have a wonderful "green" screenprint on the front and are Canadian made.
Stay never know just what I'll dig up next!

Getting Back to Basics

"Why not channel your emotional and mental flexibility toward your own life rather than taking care of others? Yoga and meditation could be just the thing to get your body, heart and mind back in balance."

Here above, would be the astral thought for the day, as projected about my astrological sign Cancer.

And, as it happens, was what I awakened to in my own thoughts this morning. Time for me, after the hustle and bustle of the past 6 months Chaos. The life of a caregiver has not been easy this past year. Many "Superbugs" seemed to thrive, leaving devastation and depression in empty hearts as loved ones passed on. The Funeral business has been thriving as well, barely enough dignified time allowed before that casket has to be moved along to make room for the 3 or 4 that are awaiting turns in the spotlights. The World's Inhabitants seem all to be at each other's throats of late, chaos and discord abound, sniping, rudeness, irritability and major PMS seem more habits than anomaly.
My own company is not above periods of discord as well, my co-workers sniping and my boss frazzled and biting back. We are community support workers, actively attempting to soothe the spirits of the ill, and support the families of the dying. Not an easy task on a sunny day, but taken into consideration all of the wet dreary weather of the Fall and Winter, and so far this Spring, as well as the proliferation of bacteria, outbreaks of flu and Norwalk, deaths of babies, and increased irritability of medical staff...well, little wonder the support workers are all biting each other. We've dug to our roots to give to those we serve, and have little to nothing left to give to those who at times, deserve our best Compassion.

So, time to step back, regroup, get back to working part time and focus on restoring our own selves before the next big series of outbreaks and the culling of the "Herd" begins anew. Personally, I'm looking forward to Spring, my gardens, and having time with which to putter and sort out my own Nest, tend to my family, myself, my pets...while the World in general takes a deep breath and decides which way to fall apart next! Let the Snipers snipe, and the back-stabbers flail away...whilst I enjoy the sun, the smells of awakening Earth, the birdsong and my family from the safety of my modest Bungalow. Not exactly a "rise above" but more of a general decision to just not participate in Negativity.
So, to Cosmic Chaos...


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