Thursday, August 24, 2006

This is a small tree-sized decoration, makes a good package tie on as well. Its my own design and I apologize for any discrepancies in advance, not used to writing out my patterns!

With worsted Christmas yarn of your choice, and a 4mm hook, small amount of eyelash yarn and your choice of yarn, ribbon, glitter thread for hanging loop, yarn needle.

Chain 24 for foundation row. Chain 1, turn, work 1 sc into back loop of previous stitches, chain1 turn.( row 1)
Work 1 sc in each stitch, chain 1 turn for 3 rows.
On rows 4, 5,6, work 2 sc in first stitch, sc to end, work 2 sc in last stitch, chain 1 turn, to shape toe.
Next row, slip across 10 sts, work sc in next 10 sts, and leave remainder unworked, chain 1, turn- to form ankle shape.
Work 1 row sc across, chain 1 turn.
For next 5 rows, work 2 sc in first and last sts, sc in remainder, chain 1 turn.
Work even for 10 to 12 rows to desired length.
End off, sew up foot and back seam.
Turn right side out, join eyelash yarn and work 1 row sc around top.
Using half-hitch or slip knot; cut a 4 inch peice of hanging loop material of your choice, tie into circle. Insert hook into back seam of stocking at top, pull hanging loop part way thru and thru itself, tighten to form hanging loop.

These are a great size for snack sized chocolate bars, milkbone treats, lip gloss, or rolled up gift certificates. Also a great way to use up yarn scraps.
I have sold thousands, at craft sales and also at our local SPCA.
They are best when not perfectly uniform, gives them more Elvish Charm! Can be embellished with glue on sequins, beads, or crochet flowers, ribbon roses etc.

Have fun...

For Penny's Project

Soon to be winging their way to California to meet up with other bootie donations destined for China, these are some of my contributions for Penny's Project. They will be delivered to an Orphanage as Penny's daughter travels to pick up her new little person, as part of the adoption process. Several of my online knitting buddies are also busily creating booties, especially Grandma Penny! Its good to do good for little people, and particularly the unwanted little people yet to find caring families. Hopefully the Authorities running the Orphanage will know that even if we are not involved in actually adopting- although personally I would LOVE to- that we who are contributing these small gifts do care about the well being of these little people, even from such a great distance that geography has caused. Lots of love, and the work of many caring hands is sure to make many tiny feet more cosy this coming winter.
The best part of being creative, is sharing with those who need.
At least, that's my opinion!
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