Saturday, April 21, 2007

More Wee Creations

Here are 2 more of the latest editions to be finished. They will go towards baby gifts which may be needed in the next few months. Added to a basket of baby wash, diaper wipes, a color coordinated sleeper, socks and a stuffed toy, makes an easy and colorful package for a new wee one. I may or may not come up with a matching blanket, cap or booties for any of these sweaters, depending on how the stash will last. The next project on the needles is a Broken Rib pattern blanket in blue, and after that will be something in yellow, and that will go with the Green set (Wally and the Wee Eskimo) and a pink Feather and Fan set already waiting delivery.

I think the Green set will be finding a new home next weekend. I like to be organized almost as much as I enjoy being creative! Too bad the house is never as organized as my projects seem to be...but then, Life can't be perfect after all!