Sunday, September 14, 2008

Summer is gone in a flash...

And as usual, I have missed most of it. Que sera, sera etc. A few stolen moments in the golden sunshine with the Beagles on the trails near Islands Lake, near Mildmay, and Kincardine as well, and the remainder of the summer has passed me right on by.
Images of a lot of rainy days, everything sodden and my poor flowers with heads hanging and dripping, hot bright sunshine on my nephew's wedding day, during which all the bald guys got fried, adjusting to a new job, new co-workers and making new friends; definitely a summer of transition.
Our son bought his first home, our other son began college, another transition to experience!
Hopefully there hasn't been too much change in the World, except for the looming elections on both sides of the Border.
A wonderful long distance friend came for a flying visit, and is much missed, hope it can happen again when there is more time for both of us.
Autumn is here, the leaves are changing colors, birds have flocked and swooped, soon the snow will be here again.
I'm always hopeful that with the change of the seasons will come an easing of the workloads and stress. The hope of a summer yet to come keeps us all going through long dark wintery days.

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