Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cold Ontario Morning

It was an Early To Rise Day today. I was fortunate to see this lovely sunrise as I raised the blinds in the living room to let the early sunlight stream in. A Sundog is always a sign of cold, so checking the thermometer as I went out, I saw it was -18.4C, and grabbing my camera, I went out to see if I could capture this natural phenomena. The dark triangle at the base of the tree is a dog house that stands 38 inches off the ground, but now is almost completely submerged in the waves of frosty white that were blowing thru the farm for the past few days.

Sometimes looking out over the fields, its like looking out on a cold icy ocean, the snowdrifts appear as moving waves and they shift and form, sifting across the frozen open spaces. The poll question on the CTV news referred to people having winter vacations and would they consider or avoid Mexico as a destination. Well, for me, I'd say forget Mexico, the smog, the poverty, overt opulence of the resorts, the crime wave against tourists (kinda like biting the hand that feeds them, huh?), the over-crowded and crime ridden markets...for me there's no place like the clean, open, air of home.
A Sundog is a sign of very cold weather, but its clean, its sunny, and every day that you wake up safe at home is a very good day! By all means, have your resort vacations, your ice-free
drinks on the beach, malaria vaccinations and hepatitis warnings...you can send me a post card, or tell me all about it when you get home!
Maybe I'll just go knit me another pair of Ruby Slippers while you're away...

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