Friday, March 31, 2006

Wally and the Little Eskimo

Here is the latest set finished..just in case there happens to be another little one soon! Its mostly crocheted, the blanket is crib sized, the sweater is knit, 3-6 month sized as are the booties, which are knitted with a crocheted shell border, all done in Baby Coordinates, 100% acrylic and machine washable. A little Baby Eyelash trim, sets it off nicely. Wally the Whale just seems to fit along with this set!

Thanks to Knit It! Magazine for the easy to adapt pattern. The spring 2006 issue has loads of easy patterns, giving lots of inspiration for one-of-a-kind crafters.

Now that I'm all prepared for the Next Arrival, I can get on with finishing my WIP's, a poncho for my FDIL, a doily for my oak table, and a summer crocheted vest for me, are in the plans. But as we all know, crafter's plans are always subject to change!

Happy Spring Everyone!