Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Things that make you say "Hmmm"

Went to town today, had some errands to run.
When I got back, and just beat the rain too, whew! I found a new hole in the patio door screen, and upon entering, spied this, as seen in the pic above.
Ok, so I can understand the exhaustion of having chewed thru the screen and needing a rest...but in a dog dish??? Right beside the door, in plain sight of 2 dogs and 2 cats as well as assorted people?
I nudged the dish carefully with the toe of my sneaker. The wee mousie blinked sleepily at me, stretched, yawned, and then began to come awake.
I snatched up the dish, dumped the critter onto the floor, whacked it soundly with the dish, scooped it up and flew out to the barn where I gracefully flung It into the manure pile. In about 20 seconds or less.
When I returned to the house, the cats were still asleep, each stretched out on a dog bed, the dogs were sleeping on the floor in a weak sunbeam, none the wiser for my Adventure in Pest Control.
I have duct taped over the hole in the screen, and will again reiterate to my darling husband, the importance of the plexiglass that we have always kept on the lower half of our patio screen, both for critter-proofing and dog scratch prevention.
Oh, and yes, I did take the picture, knowing full well, he'd never believe the "mouse sleeping in the dog dish" story. Now its a "In Your Face" moment!
Just another day in the Life...