Monday, January 08, 2007

Winter Games?

So, here we are, in full Winter mode, picking our way thru the mud daily during our usual comings and goings. Here on the farm its particularly depressing. There is no easy way of getting to the car from the house without picking up a few extra ounces of Mother Earth. I dread seeing this continue and long for some cold crisp snow to cover it all up- well at least some cold to make the mud stiff enough to walk on and not slog thru.
Looking at the last post, I see its some time since my last available interval online. I have not been home very much. The El Nino is being hard on the health situation in my area, lots of sick people requiring support. I have been slogging thru that mud several times a day. I love life in the country, the peace and the sound of birdsong, not traffic is great! But after all the rain and wet dampness we've had here, its a first for me to wish I lived in Town. I know its but a fleeting fancy but surely would be a lovely change from cleaning shoes all the time. I'd have made a crappy Pioneer woman. The Wild Frontier with its dust, mud and bugs would have done me in!
Anyway, today it is snowing, snowed enough last night to cover the muck and make the view here in my world a little fresher! I know its an open winter, but I still hope to see enough snow to make a seasonal change, not just 10 months of wet fall.
Looking forward to throwing some snowballs for my puppies...and soon!