Sunday, December 11, 2005

Unique Design To Share

Cotton Shopping Tote
designed by


Using Handicrafter cotton, any color, 400 gr ball, and size 3.5 knitting needles, small cable needle, 3.5mm crochet hook, and yarn needle.

Cast on 60 sts.
First row, knit 25, purl 2, knit 6, purl 2, knit 25. This forms the foundation row for a side panel in stocking st, with a simple center cable design.
Second row, purl 25, knit 2, purl 6, knit 2, purl 25, for every other row until completed.
Repeat first 2 rows twice.
Next row, knit 25, purl 2, slip 3 sts onto cable needle and pull to front of work, knit next 3 sts, then knit the sts on cable needle.
Repeat row 2.
Repeat pattern until peice measures 12" from foundation row. (About 13 " wide)
Make second panel matching the first.
Gusset: cast on 16 sts.
First row, Knit 3, purl 2, knit 6, Purl 2, knit 3. Work in simple cable pattern, as above center cable pattern, until peice measures same as width of side panels. About 13"
Sew gusset into place, matching right sides of side panels at foundation rows with long sides of gusset, cable sides will face out when complete.

Pick up and crochet 2 rows of single crochet along long sides of panel, plus gusset, and then second panel, on both sides where bag will join.

Sew sides together, making sure that seam is firm.

Pick up and crochet 2 rows of single crochet around top of bag opening to firm up the edges.

Make second gusset panel, same as first pattern, making peice 24" long. This forms the handle for the bag. Sew into place, cable facing out, at sides of bag. Center the center of the cable to the crocheted side seams, and sew together on inside and on outside, for added durability. Weave in all ends.

For Variety, make cable from second color, gusset and handle from second color.