Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer's Halfway Thru

The lilies are blooming, and the bees are busy collecting pollen. The apple trees are loaded and not so very long from now we'll be wishing for the heat of the past week! The snow and ice will be here soon enough, that's for sure!
There will be another wedding in the family soon, as cousin Robin and her chosen, Mike, will soon have their big day. Parties, bbq's, birthdays and anniversaries, brighten the days of coming Fall. Harvest time is almost here! Take some time to explore the little things in your world that most overlook. These make the best winter memories, when the heat is gone and the snow is howling past our windows.
I'm getting on with Christmas knitting, wedding gifts, and hoping for a lazy summer weekend to laze away with my hubby. Soon he'll be too busy with the harvest to have the time to appreciate the peaceful shade of a tree.
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I have worked in Health Care, in one capacity or another, for most of my working life so far. Lately I have been doing home care supportive work, helping maintain our clients in their own homes for a long as possible. This particular place I visit, is a world of history, agriculture, vintage gardens, color, and even ghosts that DO go bump in the night! The other day I was opening windows, leting in the smell of freshly baled hay, which had sparked all sorts of discussions with my client! Lots of memories of haying back in the horse drawn days, when cars were around but still ignored, and tractors were more work than they were worth to buy. I happened to spy these hollyhocks waving in the summer breeze right by his front door. Knowing them to be his favorite flower, I grabbed my camera and snapped a few, so that he can see, even though we can't get his wheelchair over the rough ground for him to see them in person. See that they are still cheery and beautiful and noticed even by cars passing along the busy highway right along his property. There is always something to see at this farm, and I try to keep my camera ready each visit, in case a special moment should come along. Keeping Life alive, for those who would otherwise so easily slip away unnoticed from it, is something I try to do each day. Its not much effort, and always a pleasure shared.