Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer Splendor Ablaze

Well, its been over a month since my last posting on here. Summer has slipped by in a warm haze for me, for the most part. I've been embroiled in an endless cycle of work, and chores, and more work, and have done very little of great interest to me! Here I am, having scored an unexpected day off and all I can do is try to catch up with my very sadly neglected home chores. Well, at least my Fun and Friendship group has gone well this summer. The Ladies are a lot of fun to watch as they struggle against time and dementia, having fun and trying so hard to get my approval of the efforts shown. They have done well, tackling each game as if it were of major importance! I know its been a lifeline for some, a distraction for others and perhaps been encouraging as well as fun. At least I hope it has!

Tonight there's a benefit concert for Katie's Malawi Kenya trip, and a CD release for Jamie's band that he has put so much of himself into. Its at Broadway Musical and features some up and comers in the area, young people with musical aspirations having an opportunity to play for the first audience!

Hopefully the CD will sell well, and the tees, and that the stage fright won't overcome fragile digestive tracts, and that the doting parents will remember ear plugs too! 'With Conviction" has been working hard since the summer tour down east, putting together some original tracks into the next CD due out soon. The CDs can be ordered on the web page, just leave a message for Mike, who will arrange it for you! The proceeds for tonight will be funding a university grad trip, to build a school along with Habitat for Humanity, in Melawi, Kenya. These graduating fledgling teachers are working towards a good cause, and anyone wishing to support them can contact me for contact info (thanks in advance).

This summer season has been sooooo dry, the gardens, usually lush and bright have really accelerated into September, with the drought having forced them to fight for survival. We have only had to cut our grass a total of 8 times in 3 months. Good gas milage for the lawn tractor I know, but, I do love the smell of fresh cut grass. Hopefully I'll be able to score some more regular time to devote to my home, both indoors and out. There seems no end to the people who need our help as care givers this year, and my company has never been busier. However, working straight through the weeks past, with only a few days of recharge time in the past months, has taken a toll, and I find myself getting overwhelmed in the work that needs attending here for my family and farm. I'm looking forward to a slight lull in the demand, to give me time to regroup and gather myself for the next rush! My other co-workers are in the same boat, rushed and getting grumpy!

Hopefully the summer hasn't sped past everyone! Time flies, and it really wasn't even that much fun!
My poor Tiger Lilies were a little more spindly than usual due to the severity of this season's drought, but the bloomed forth in a Blaze of Color, when it came right down to brass buds! They are a real eyecatcher, when driving past our yard.
Finding the time to enjoy what Nature allows us, is always an ease for my over-worked soul. Hope you enjoy them too.