Saturday, July 14, 2007

Summer Drives

Out for a summer drive, to explore nearby Erin Ontario, we came across this very peaceful scene. Meandering creeks and streams with trout and water striders, watercress and pond lilies fill the hills of Erin with these little jewel-like hidden treasures. My husband Bruce came upon this one recently during his work day, and thought I might appreciate the chance to come and see the water lilies and maybe take some pictures.
So off we went on a photo safari, nearly in our own back yard! We saw deer, wild orchids, leopard frogs, and lots of other Ontarians out enjoying a summer evening. I always have time for the simple things in Life, as they are the things longest remembered as our lives are filled with the detritus of day to day survival!
Taking photos, sharing memories, and being a cheap date all rolled into one peaceful evening! Does it get any better?

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