Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Christmas Warmth

Christmas knitting is in full swing, with scarves and other swingin ideas! Here are a couple of examples, one in Boa, one in Frenzy mill ends- a real pain as there are so many joins. I think that must be the worst bag of mill ends I have ever bought, all short peices, and in reality I trashed almost half of the bag as unuseable. However, the thick and fluffy blue boa result is irrisistable to the touch! Making little gifts for co-workers and sisters-in-law who do not normally exchange gifts. Next year, perhaps I'll be more organized and make some larger things. I'm also working on a cardigan for me, yes, me! I NEVER make anything for me, so its a real novelty! Hope to actually get it finished some day as well!

Watching movies in the rain, and knitting, knitting, knitting...then off to work I go!