Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring is here, and very Welcome!

So here we are, getting ready for summer, planning gardens, playing with ideas of redecorating, and procrastinating on Spring Cleaning chores.
Men are washing cars, women are washing everything else, and pets are getting frisky with the increase in sunlight and the longer days. In the nursing home where I work, the energy level is higher, even if the expectations are not. The Superbugs for the most part are dwindling off now, except for the most extreme cases who linger in hospital. It certainly was a busy fall and winter for the health care providers. I don't think my company has ever been this busy! Lots of us "front-liners" are anticipating a short breather now until the pace picks up over vacation time.
And, of course, with Spring, arrives Tax Season. As day follows night...misery follows longer days for the Tax-Impaired members of our society. However, unlike our good Canadian Winters, Tax Season never lingers as long, even though it's bite may still be as sharp.
Spring for me, is the anticiaption of sunny days, gardening, color, and the scent of awakening earth. The first grass cutting, the after winter dog pile cleanup, the first shoots of flowers growing, and the long, quiet evenings on my porch as the sun sets in the distance.
I still have remnants of the 5-6ft of snow we had dumped on us, although each day exposes more green, and more mud, and more mosquito-breeding puddles. I can see the dog house again, the field beyond my back door is again visible and I look forward to that first day of using my clothesline to hang out freshly washed sheets.
So, however you view Spring, and whatever your favorite Spring habits, take some time out from your busy day-to-days to just enjoy that once again, Spring is with us. Take a walk on the grass and listen to the airbubbles popping in the ground as the spring water melts new life into the ground. Make mudpies! Listen to the birds, and smell the Earth as she awakens again.
Happy Spring to all.

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