Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring, 2008, Goodbye Snow!

Sooooo...Here we are at last! Spring has arrived for 2008, and with it the arrival of the migrating birds, the appearance of the mud boils in our country roads, and the longer lasting daylight hours. My road has all but dissolved into a mass of open muddy pits, which I navigate to and from work with great trepidition for the health of my wee car. You'd think with all the available technology in the world today, someone would come up with a cure for bad roads!
But then, we're still teaching people to wash their hands to prevent the spread of preventable diseases that continue to plague our health care facilities. Can't seem to get the basics looked after by the general populace, so why do I think potholes can be prevented??? Because I'm an Optimist. Pity me. This has been one of the toughtest winters of my life so far, for the winter blues. I lost my Dad this February 22nd, despite excellent teamwork and diligence shown by his medical team. Some things are just destined to be. He went down trying to the bitter end, for which I will always commend him. Consequently, my Mom is learning for the first time, to be alone, and all the responsiblities that come with being a sole home owner, something alien and new to her, as my Dad was always the detail person. She's doing great! We are all very proud of her. Her next hurdle is in coping with the inevitable demise of another sister and brother in law, as they are both battling illness and disease simultaneously. My heart goes out to my cousins who face the loss of a Mother and Father in the near future.
But for now, one day at a time for me. I'm just happy that another winter will soon be behind us, the snow is melting without filling my basement (so far), birds are singing each morning despite the threat of spring snowstorms and freezing rain, and are once again visiting my feeder- was my first winter without birds! They all left me, a harbinger of the difficult weather we endured.
Today, I begin the next phase of my "calling", having given up my full time position in the retirement home, to take a part time position in a nursing home, bringing Life to those who cannot find it on their own. No longer a Nurse, no longer working Night shift, home each evening with my Hubby, each morning with my Pets, planning fun and games for all of those who drift through the days in a haze of pain and confusion. It will take all of my patience and skills to gently remind these who are living out finality, that they are indeed still alive, still human and still can feel the joy of a good laugh and a positive influence. I know I will make a lot of friends, only to lose them to the diseases of Aging. But along the way, I hope to show them a damned good time!!!
I'll leave my family someday, with the knowledge that Mom made a difference to the World. Just like my Dad before me.