Saturday, August 05, 2006

Today our son James will be celebrating his 21st birthday with his buddies and his sweetheart Katie. Last summer they had a BBQ and jam session, several tents were erected for overnight guests as we never allow drinking and driving. This year, the crowd will be smaller, the band louder, and the tents will appear as the evening wanes. A bonfire, some beer, and a lot of good friends being friends on a lovely long weekend evenings! His gang is older, busier, working hard to pay their own bills, different cars, different hair, a couple are in the military now! But they still find time to get together, this gang of friends, some of whom have been around since the early school days. Jamie has worked very hard this year, earned 2 more trades certificates, and a promotion at his job. He helps out here at home, and helps all of his friends whenever he's needed! I guess I can tolerate a loud evening of head banger punk jam session!
Happy 21st James!