Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Days and Birthdays

Its Summer, and for us, Summer is lazy days under shade trees, birthdays and this year it also means weddings in the family! With our Neice's wedding accomplished, and 2 cousins also getting married, there are always family functions to attend. Last Sunday was Father's Day and also my DH's birthday. We celebrated by sitting under a shady maple, me with my knitting and he with his beer, enjoying the birdsong and the company of our snoozing dogs. Sometimes just taking a little time to do nothing can recharge your soul for the hectic days when there are too many chores and not enough hours in the day. Its taken my DH 40+ years to "get" that, but he's trying! So, we extend our wish for a lazy day or two when the sun is shining, the breeze tickles you and the birdsong lulls your senses into relaxation, to you and yours!

Enjoy the summer, the peace, the warmth of family, and the sheer enjoyment of being part of Life.