Friday, September 29, 2006

Relentless Time

The pile of fuzzy Christmas gifts is growing slowly, but growing indeed! Slow progress as Arthritis cripples my hands with more pain this Fall than they have experienced before. Winds howling and rain pattering against the windows are a constant reminder that Christmas is relentlessly approaching, despite the lingering stiffness as my hands play Beat the Clock, creating gifts as quickly and efficiently as they can. Sometimes I wish my needles had the lightning speed of Grandma Penny who is able to out-knit about anyone else I know! Soon I will have to seek out professional treatment options for these poor aging hands of mine. But as long as they can still hold the needles, knitting will continue to happen! Soon, scarves will turn to mittens for charity, mittens to doilies, doilies to...well, maybe finishing some of the WIPs ongoing, so I can find space for more yarn shopping!
Hope Springs Eternal, after all... Posted by Picasa

Braving the Winds

The winds of seasonal change blow thru here a lot it seems, storms and rain, leaves scattering about, and the corn rattling dry leaves scaring the birds away. Each year, my Scarecrow stands with his corn, braving wind and rain and snow, until the season of change, has changed to winter. Every so often a small sunbeam finds him under the spreading boughs of the maple trees he guards, bringing a slight smile, and out peeks the crows who hide in the folds of his costume. A small face peeks, a tiny hand waves as the child passes by safely encased in the bright yellow school bus, waving to the sentry of Fall.
Soon the green will be white, and the leaves will mulch the sleeping grass until spring again arrives. Posted by Picasa