Monday, November 20, 2006

My Weekend Project

Here's another wee poncho set completed for my friend's newest Grand-daughter and namesake! This one is smaller than the lilac one, and I was able to write the pattern down for those who'd like to try it. It is made in Softee Baby with Baby Eyelash trim, crocheted to make up fast and hold its shape when washed, the seams are joined with sc for durability. This will fit 3 months size, or a average teddy bear when outgrown!
Wee Poncho Pattern
3-6 month size, Baby Softee, 50 grm ball, Aero hook 4.5mm, 1/2 ball Baby Eyelash
First peice: rectangle, 5 inches wide, by 15 inches long
Chain 21 sts.
Shell pattern: 2 DC in 4th stitch from hook, chain 1, 2DC in same st as previous 2DC. Skip 3 sts, 2DC in 4th st, chain 1, 2DC in same st; repeat to end of row, chain 3, turn.
Repeat pattern each row until peice measures 15 inches or 25 rows. End off and weave in end.
Second Peice:
Chain 21 sts.
Work in shell pattern as above for 22 rows. Making the second peice slightly shorter than the first makes less gap at neck opening for a better fit on tiny shoulders.
End off and weave in end of yarn.
with end of peice 1, right sides facing, join to side of peice 2, working from corner inwards, 5 inches, to form an "L" shape.
Join with sc seam, make seam as flat as possible for comfort.
Join end of peice 2 to side of peice one, as above in reverse, so that when laid flat, creates a poncho shape, triangular opening at neck and points of triangle at hem end matched front and back. Like a "V" shape.
If you are unsure where to join the second seam, lay out peice flat until shape is correct and place markers for seam ending.
Trim edges:
With wrong side facing, right side inside, join eyelash yarn or desired trimming yarn, to shoulder edge of neck opening, work 2 rounds of sc even, end off and weave in ends.
Join trimming yarn to hem edge, make 2 rows of sc, end off and weave in ends. Turn poncho to right side facing out.
With Softee Baby, 4.5mm hook
Chain 5, join with slp st to form ring. Sc into ring, 10 sc in ring, join each round with slp st.
R2. 2sc in each sc of previous row.
R3 Work 1 row of sc even
R4 repeat R2
R5 repeat R3
Work even, 1 sc in each st of previous row until peice measures 3.5 inches long and 4.5 to 5 inches wide. If you desire to make it wider, increase by making 2 sc in previous 1 sc evenly spaced across the row. (about every 6th st) as needed.
Join eyelash yarn, work inside out, working towards the right side so that yarn is fluffiest on the right side- 2 rows of sc even for trim. End off and weave in ends.
Trim with crochet flower of your choice, applique, buttons or leave plain.
Make 2 chains of about 10 inches long, join to sides of cap with front facing for chin ties. Weave in all ends.
For 12-18 month Poncho, chain 41 sts. For larger sizes, measure length of arm from top of where neck joins shoulder, or where you want neck opening to fit, in inches, number of inches= number of crochet shells in width, less 1.( width of panel then can be adapted for stitch pattern)
This way, the pattern can be adapted for any size, the panels made in any stitch you desire, knit or crochet.
Happy Stitching!

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