Sunday, September 16, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Runaways

So, here we are, on vacation for a whole weekend in lovely upstate New York, at Letchworth State Park. Really pretty, it was very generous of the owner to bequeath the property to the State for all to share. Only a couple of hours from home really, its a place we'll certainly visit again. The upkeep of this miniature Grand Canyon is phenomenal, all the stone steps and parapet walls to maintain, while errant humans swarm all over forbidden river areas and leave so much detritus behind despite the warnings to taking it back out with you. We saw Bald Eagles and many, many turkey Vultures swooping and soaring in the late summer sun. Ages old trees, willows, sycamores, walnuts, chestnuts and oaks grace the scenic canyon, spreading wild nuts for the many chipmunks and squirrels to feast on and hide away for winter.
I suffer from Vertigo, so walking along the cliff sides was a challenge for me, observing my hubby leaning far out to get the best view, knowing that the sheer drop and uncertainty of the Shale canyon walls could mean disaster were a trial. The Canyon was old, but crumbling, a point often pointed out to me as we descended the stone step trails to the waterfalls, by the very person who then became affronted and scoffed at my concern as he challenged gravity, belly first. But, try to explain vertigo to someone who has never felt the pull of gravity when confronted with such a cliff. Well, may as well spit into the wind.
So, clinging resolutely to a large solid tree some several feet back from the sheer precipice, I duly answered, "yes Dear, really amazing" as he gave running commentary on the dangerous locations and lack of solidity beneath the trails as we hiked along.
The following day, when touring from the opposite side of the canyon and visiting the official Dam site and viewing the historical disaster films which caused the dam to be became a little more aware of how precarious the trails actually were, when one had a bird's eye view of the lack of solidity underneath where one had casually been strolling only a few hours before. I noticed a "wow, look at that, where we were standing, that's really thin..." before the awareness of his proximity to being "TOLD" kicked in and his voice tapered off. Quickly changing the subject, we wandered on, then headed for home, our runaway time near its end.
Still, all the photos, and the over-eating that go with a usual vacation were accomplished with gusto! Despite having only a few hours, a mere 2 day window of escapism to play with!
And then there we were, back home to resume work, chores and everyday life, hoping and dreaming of yet another runaway weekend to come, sooner rather than later I hope! Yes, I survived watching his antics, and he nver did get his lecture, well deserved as it may have been. But then, I pay his Life Insurance. So, Carry on Dear...I'll wait.