Thursday, October 19, 2006

Idea Shopping

Off to the Big Smoke for some creative idea shopping. I've attended this event almost each year both at the fall and spring versions. Like most knitters, I prefer the Fall show, with its extended knitting and crochet exhibits.
Not a bad way to spend a day off, might get in a little mall shopping too, if time permits! Maybe even some Christmas shopping!
If you've never been to this show, I can tell you, you're missing out on a lively, colorful, and educational exhibit from some of the leading crafting artists in North America. I don't like being in crowded places, especially in Flu Season, but for this, I'll brave the elements!
Have a great weekend...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Seasons are Changing

When I got up just the other day, I thought someone had played a very cruel trick on me. Here we were, the 12th of October, and someone had attacked my yard with a giant can of Redi-Whip.
How mean.
But, as the day wore on the day got bleaker, wetter, colder, more dreary, more snowy, I started seeing images from Fort Erie and Buffalo, which cheered me up immensly! Compared to those poor folks, our piddly 8cm of snow was nothing! Yes, true, there were cars in the ditch and local accidents, sanders out on the main roads and those with Halloween Pumpkins would soon find orange slime on porches in great, greasy pools. Watching the snow blow past the windows and hearing the clicking of ice pellets hit the deck, made me appreciate the warmth of the wood pellet stove, and made my beagle appreciate glimpses of brilliant sunshine which warmed the carpet under her fat self.
Periodically she'd raise her head and glare accusingly at me as if to say "Turn that Sunbeam back on, You!", then shift and wiggle and finally find the last vestiges of heat remaining in the carpet, settling with a heartfelt sigh into Snoredom once more. Heat-seeking Beagles are entertainment on such dreary days as these. I never know where exactly I'll find her, but you can bet its the warmest spot in the house at any particular time! I've even caught her snuggling up to the heating vent! Although, typically Princess-like, she prefers the comfort of layers of foam and blankets to bare floor.
Gone now are the warm days of Fall, and we have wintery times ahead. I've stocked up on bird seed, suet blocks and have my shovels at the ready! Looking forward to seeing what the season brings...but not quite ready to hang the sleigh bells out just yet!
ON the bright side...the snow had drastically reduced the allergen-causeing mold populations around home! Looking forward to breathing better real soon!